alright what's up i'm poorly and i haven't slept in three days and this idea came to me as if bestowed by a demon. here's shrek elden ring :shrek:

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honestly as a disabled person facing potential perma-lockdown in a country whose response to covid was a continuation of the austerity project, this is preposterously offensive to me

Did some drawings for's prompts. I am super low on energy atm so I have managed 2 drawings so far! Here's 13: Mountain Creature Caught Running Behind Google Car and 5: Indrid Cold.

elden ring 

here's a cool look i put together. my thoughts were basically: get my dude to look as ceramic as possible.


here's the peeps who'll decide the next leader of the uk

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check out this photo of last night's annual Spectator Party. the Spectator is an extreme RWpol magazine for gin-soaked elephant-hunters that has published praise for Golden Dawn and the Wermacht, and has regular contributors who advocate for the Great Replacement conspiracy theory. Boris Johnson used to edit it, during which time media types called it The Sextator. most bigname UK journos rub shoulders with most bigname UK politicians here. it's the same industry.

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Alright this is the good shit that i like to hear about

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Mother! Someone has been inscribing Glyphs on the pavement!!!


according to the map, that single Scottish location *might* be this petrol station in Stirling. how'd they cinch that franchise huh. hand over the pasties guys.

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look at this absolute bastard pirate guy. he has managed only one incursion past Hadrian's Wall.

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