covid, pandemic, western journalists' orientalism, anti-asian racism 

murdoch fash rag The Sunday Times (spit) doing a "why are 'The Japanese' hiding behind masks" bit (as the tweet points out, in the same issue they worry about an epidemic of long covid). honestly so much of the weird manufactured anti-mask sentiment in the west is built on a stratum of anti-Asian racism.

covid, pandemic, western orientalism, islamophobia 

imo, a significant part of the base rhetoric for western anti-mask stuff was laid out during the big secular anti-muslim wave that kicked off in the 2000s. all kinds of liberal public intellectuals were coming up with bullshit reasons to demonise "face covering" (read: Muslim hijabi practices). esp see France's ways of criminalising Muslim women. they had to come up with so much sophistry to pretend it was about anything other than phobia.

covid, pandemic, western orientalism, islamophobia 

@alex 100% agree but add in long-standing, violent hatred of East Asian people, early adopters of mask wearing, before and during SARS.

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