it's a refix of 3LW No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) !!! i didn't recognise the sample!

seen some clips of him playing it (before this release) at club nights, that must have banged so hard.

he played Only Human when i saw him in london, and it hit about 10x harder than the record

(clip faithfully includes londoners obstinately trying to talk over the best gig i've been to)

food mention 

(live music playing)
londoner: anyway so i was having this sandwich the other day,
(massive bass drop)
londoner (louder): i said i was having this sandwich the other day right,

actually laughing at how much this slaps. sound of the summer imo

@Shrigglepuss by the ledge Trevor Jackson, who also did a video for it in the same style [flashing images!]

@alex I very nearly got to make one for worriedaboutsatan but never found the time to squeeze it in aw =( It still lives in my head though ❤️

@alex love how he chases every idea regardless of direction then sprinkles his own twinkly synths on everything

@kawaiipunk i've really liked his stuff as KH. doing really deep stuff built up from tiny well-chosen samples

@alex particularly loving Only Human too! Very up my street

@alex no joke, I forgot I was listening to this, and went to find the soundcloud tab to pause it (where I was previously listening to speed garage bangers)

@alex reminds me of being a DJ on a London pirate station in early 90s (before SMS messaging), messages were sent via pagers (you had to call a human operator on some high priced 0831 number) either the operator would mistype the message or the 3rd harmonic of the VHF link transmitter would interfere with the pager reception so the whole message was garbled and often had to be re-sent..

@vfrmedia @alex "Pager came out scrambled" was my favourite MC lyric back in those days. :simon:

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