twitter thread, EHRC ableism, tory ableism, long covid denialism, terf / transphobia mention 

Soon after releasing legally inadmissible, non-binding "advice" on excluding trans people from sex-segregated spaces, EHRC has now released advice that Long Covid "is not a disability" (this contradicts the Equality Act 2010, which EHRC is supposed to uphold). This thread is good on EHRC's motivations and alignment (basically the tories installed stooges a couple of years ago)

DWP mention, EHRC ableism, tory ableism, long covid denialism 

i mean (with three exceptions) disabilities are assessed by the state on a case by case basis, based on the impact the injury or illness has on your life, so it's bizarre for a legal body to blanket state "[illness] is not a disability"

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