Ink October 6 "Spirit"

[CW for a scary Victorian-style ghost in the expanded image]

Ink October 8 "Watch"

[CW for cow peering in through the window spookily]

Ink October 10 "Pick"

BEFORE YOU are three items. which will you pick?
1. Freddo
2. Some kind of fucked up mini saxophone
3. The true face of the sun

Ink October 13 "Roof"

[CW for image from a horror film, scary man on roof]

ok so it's "Open" in the sense that his mouth his open wide, or else it's an "Open" prompt as in "draw what you want". this is an idea i've been wanting to draw all week.

i had a long day so i only got chance to do this one this evening. i wanted to do something more "painty" than i usually do, and i sketched this one out using a big Krita brush and decided I liked it enough already without adding more detail

inktober, thank you for the excuse to draw a dinosaur.

i was thinking of Shin Godzilla when i drew this - that beautiful hapless dorkasaurus

kind of improvised this one playing around with different Krita brushes drawing stuff that i automatically do anyway (silly faces and blobby shapes)

this is me getting my posting juice topped up

Ink October 30 "Slither"

[CW drawing of a snake, but like a really fucked up mutant snake with bug parts]

i like snakes and think they're quite pretty animals. which is why this picture is about trying to invent a snake that doesn't look nice but looks horrible instead. well, thank's

if i'd had time, ideally this would have had some henri rousseau style jungle scenery

That's it, that's Inktober 2021. Thanks for coming!

@alex Nice!

Gromit, presumably, is carefully tiptoeing around the dinner table like Ofelia Pan's Labyrinth

@alex I'm thinking about Shin Godzilla all the time. Thank you for this gift of skinless dinosaur.

@alex wowww, this is so amazing, that face is so captivating and I love how this whole image tells a story.

@dreadpirateyarr @bright_helpings just want to state canonically, as the author, that after this picture the spark went out and everything was fine and this dude carried on with whatever horrible business he was up to in the cavern

@alex I love the cracked look of it. Like old paint

@maloki thank you! i scribbled all over it in a very thin pen after i drew it 😎

@alex Thank you for making this happen!! It's been fun to watch and also Freddo happened

Alex, I only just learned Goya painted the original on his own wall in his own house. In his dining room no less.

I was thinking again today about how much I want to paint a life size copy of your Wallace Eating His Cheese on the wall of my kitchen, if I ever get my own kitchen.

@floppyplopper art historians in 100 years: amazing to think that floppyplopper lived with this frightening masterpiece on his wall

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