(this one was such a pain! i redid it something like 5 times. it's also the most literal one i've done so far this year 馃し )

Ink October 6 "Spirit"

[CW for a scary Victorian-style ghost in the expanded image]

self crit 

i can "fake" my way through drawing a human face* using light and shadow to define the rough geometry of it. but i'm pretty bad at actually drawing one convincingly! this one is a good example - it more or less looks real (with a degree of stylisation i had to add to compensate for my inability to do "real" realism) but if you take a good look at it, the proportions etc are all really fucked up. idk if this is something i want to improve on!

*all drawing is about "faking" stuff anyway

man it took me literally all day to come up with something for this. i think this one is ok.

Ink October 8 "Watch"

[CW for cow peering in through the window spookily]

this is kind of based on a very scary creepypasta image i saw ages ago except i thought it would be funny (and also immensely more threatening?) to make it a cow

self crit 

like with most other inktober entries, i reeeally want to go back and edit this. the bathroom details need shadows for a more convincing scene. for the cow, i started roughing out a shape with a broad brush, expecting to test out a grid based overdrawing thing to make it look like a textured window - in fact the messy brush already provided a distortion effect that worked "enough" to not need overdoing. i added a little bit of displaced colour to add to the effect. but: on to the next 1

Ink October 10 "Pick"

BEFORE YOU are three items. which will you pick?
1. Freddo
2. Some kind of fucked up mini saxophone
3. The true face of the sun

WHICH item will you pick

the fucked up mini saxophone makes kind of the sound you'd expect it to, however Freddo makes an even worse sound, constantly

oh shit, i should have put a signature bottom-right. that would have made it. ah well "ya can't redo inktober"

Ink October 13 "Roof"

[CW for image from a horror film, scary man on roof]

i drew this based on how i remembered the scene (it's from "It Follows"), and referred to some still images for the house. i misremembered the scene as happening at night, probably from looking at too much slimyswampghost -style creepy photo paint-overs.

@alex anyone remember this 70s kids' TV show, must've been rebroadcast a hundred times during the 80s. Can't remember its name. Just this animated character trying to hold together a head made out of crystals, weird disjointed music and an increasingly desperately upbeat presenter in dungarees surrounded by creepy toys and looming primary coloured building blocks. Each one just faded to black. Different presenter the next week. Still haunts me, what was it called,

@g1comics ah i used to get horrible nightmares about that show!!! i once had this dream that i was watching an episode and all the characters were just screaming!!!!!!

@alex that was it!!! I remember that, and for some reason this giant wiggly mouth thing that just appeared out of nowhere and recited the alphabet oh wait that's Sesame Street probably

@alex I'm extra glad for the image description here :)

1鈥4: wow, will u illustrate a kids book I plan to write?
5鈥6: wow, will u illustrate a kids horror book I also plan to write?

@alex I like it! He's really whooshing himself up there

@Pixley thank you! the whooshy pose was the first thing i came up with today that seemed like an actual good idea, and that led to this!

@alex It's amazing. The colors are so great and the pose really makes it, there's so much life in this.

@alex I love it! Dunno if you鈥檝e played Dixit but this looks like it could be a Dixit card

@alex hello eldritch cow entity! Have you come to be friends (eat souls)?


@alex I pick the sun but fear that it will cause some existential disaster

@alex if it was a chocolate frog, I'd vote for it ;)

(Do you have Freddo Frogs in the UK? )

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