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"One of those weird dystopian things that slipped by quietly in 2019 was 'Finn's Law', named after a Britain's Got Talent magic act dog, which means it is now an animal cruelty charge to physically resist, in any way, a service dog that is *literally mauling you*"

police animals 

one thing about british fash is they really love animals. so police bringing a horse out to intimidate and run down protestors is also a PR move, aimed at all the donkey sanctuary retiree fash who know all the local police horses by name and worry that the poor horse might have got blood on its hooves.

police animals 

@alex There was a woman mauled by a police dog at a rave last year while it was being weaponised to disperse a crowd, she suffered life-changing injuries. Imagine being under threat of being charged with animal cruelty while resisting a dog that's fracturing your bones and causing injuries that require muscle grafts. Animals have no place as use as weapons. Didn't we get past this when cockfighting etc was outlawed? So fucked up

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