Ink October 2020 Day 11 "Disgusting"

[CW: it's a drawing of a gross zombie with its guts hanging out]

Ink October 2020 Day 19 "Dizzy"

[CW a big face that might be startling idk]

wahaha at some point early on i hit the "mirror" button in Krita, so i was working on this horizontally-reversed the whole time. i was pretty surprised when the final jpeg appeared this way around!!!

there is probably a word for the type of shadow in this picture, which happens when a bright light source is shining from the roughly the same position as the camera. it results in shadows that are projected in almost the same size and shape as the object seen from the camera, since the cone of vision is the same as the cone of shadow-casting. it gives things a shadow "border" that seems to float in the air. there's artists who use this device a lot in horror art particularly, who i like a lot.

the photographer Asger Carlsen makes some very unsettling photomanipulations to make extremely weird scenes, and his use of very bright lighting with this kind of shadow really helps to sell their apparent verisimilitude.

(this is a follow-up to Day 4, in the style i've been trying out the last few days)

feat. my smart shoes that i used to wear to work.

i think i have really captured their "je ne sais quois"

thanks for tolerating me drawing doors and walls for the last week. tomorrow is the last inktober and there is gonna be a payoff.

@alex 24 and this write-up reminded me immediately of, but it isn't that really.

Carlsen's work is some fine damn.

@alex I can’t decide if I like the buddy or if I’m scared of them

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