horror fiction take, colonialism, america 

i've kind of dug at this point before but i feel closer to it now: all american horror fiction about a nice family moving into a new house is in fact recapitulating the history of the colonisation of america.

horror fiction take, colonialism, america 

it's a grappling with white guilt. every trope, from "honey this could be a new start for us", to "someone is already here", to "let's get a priest in." in cases like Poltergeist 2, where Native people are called on as allies, this is the white fantasy of being absolved for our part in the colonisation - the Native people are imagined as willing co-signatories.

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re: horror fiction take, colonialism, america 

@alex This makes Beetlejuice somewhat radical for making the ghosts more sympathetic than the "nice family."

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