2021 the year the dinosaurs come back (ghosts) and they're like hey so what did you do with our remains and we're like uh sorry guys and they're like what and we're like basically we explode them every day and they're like what why would you do that and we're like it's so we can go fast sometimes and they're like isn't that utterly devastating to earth's climate and we're like uh how long are yous sticking around for btw

The film Good Bye, Lenin! except it's set in 2021 and the whole of humanity is trying to conceal from a T-Rex that we blew up his great-grandma's bones.

@alex motor cars and factories running on dinosaur ghosts. Very efficient, great energy density, easily transported. Only problem, the burning ghost screams blight the surrounding environment, wreck the health of uninvolved third parties, and curse the planet's very soul and climate oh wait

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