This is a constant inspiration to me. (image via Wikimedia commons)

@alex life goals tbh XD

(context: I collect ukiyo-e. :D Though I only have 6. 2 yoshitoshi, 2 kunisada, 1 yoshitoshi, and 1 hokusai that I only own because it's a page from hokusai manga)

@bentosmile that's really cool! i have one small woodblock print of a street scene that i received as a present and it's really dear to me.

@alex it's good how affordable they are too! I love looking at them, thinking how they have survived through wars and fires and earthquakes to still be here today to give us a glimpse of the past. :3

(the biggest shame is that the museum in town here has a massive collection... All kept in the vault -_- so no one ever sees them)

@alex and they say Japanese stores can't use English...

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