"country roads / take me home…" - strong start, pretty much everyone can relate to this feeling.
"west virginia…" - bam!, you've just lost 99% of your audience. most people don't live there.

@alex Ive sung that bit as 'tidenham parish' forever lmao

@knownrobes @alex I sing west Jamaica because of toots and the Maytals’ cover

@alex easy to fix, most population on earth does live East to the state of Virginia

@alex Toots and the Maytals covered it and changed it to ‘west Jamaica’, so just sing about wherever you’re in the west of instead and you’re sound

@alex At one point the lyric was going to be "Massachusetts". The location literally doesn't matter beyond keeping the meter of the song. I wrote my own version with "San d'Oria," as a matter of fact.

@OchotonidKnight @alex "Pennsylvania" would also fit the meter, has mountains, and has a lot more people than West Virginia.

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