#Inktober day 2 [cw for horror imagery] 

#Inktober day 4 [cw for maybe creepy imagery] 

#Inktober day 6 [cw for possibly unsettling degree of canine eye contact] 

day 21 "Treasure" [cw for scary picture featuring mummified corpses]

[…] removed at a later date leaving the stucco underneath exposed […] unclear if horns […] unusual, due to the apparent rarity of gilt surfaces in contemporaneous works […] no other depictions of […] or other figurative frescoes at the site […]

day 29 "Injured" [cw for drawn body horror / graphic injury / bloodless gore / startling eye contact]



day 31 "Ripe" [cw nice and spooky agricultural body horror for halloween]


I missed day 1 "Ring" since I started on the second, so here's my final Inktober drawing "Ring" today, on the 1st of November – since time is cyclical and so are fairy rings.

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