#Inktober day 2 [cw for horror imagery] 


#Inktober day 4 [cw for maybe creepy imagery] 


#Inktober day 6 [cw for possibly unsettling degree of canine eye contact] 


This is based on an animated music video/horror film I made in 2014, which is my best work, and you can watch it here: tobinalex.com/projects/htr1a

OC do not steal!
name: unknown / That Damn Kid!
gender: unknown / scamp
hobbies: lives in a dumpster
age: like 10 or something
wanted for: armed robbery, desecration of sites of historic significance, tax fraud, grand theft auto, cheating at pogs
catchphrase: "nyer her her her!!!"

to better enjoy this picture of pigs getting destroyed, i recommend you listen to "Towering Flesh" by Pig Destroyer while you look at it youtube.com/watch?v=4c5_ZSH5hI

day 21 "Treasure" [cw for scary picture featuring mummified corpses]

this treasure chest contains £5000, but it is also very cursèd! a difficult predicament!

let's all go to the colossal monolith in the desert!

food joking 

this is what we all eat for pudding on godforsaken website after we have finished posting for the day

this is based on this painting by Dragan Bibin, the most totally unsettling painting i've ever seen.


You’re not sure why you’re out here, out so late. It’s the carpark at the back of the carpark at… at one of the places in the town centre, and it’s cold. Noone else is out here but there’s that coat that you threw away because it gave you really bad vibes. It’s standing up. It’s so cold out here and you want to get home and it’s a long walk back and it’s so cold. The coat is open slightly, towards you. It’s cold. Maybe you should put it on since it’s so cold. You put it on. It gets colder.

[…] removed at a later date leaving the stucco underneath exposed […] unclear if horns […] unusual, due to the apparent rarity of gilt surfaces in contemporaneous works […] no other depictions of […] or other figurative frescoes at the site […]

day 29 "Injured" [cw for drawn body horror / graphic injury / bloodless gore / startling eye contact]


In the split second it took to catch him and pull him up, the front of his head had already passed through it. If we’d not been on the ball enough to grab him as soon as it happened… I don’t even want to think. Nothing comes back from that place. Anyway, as much as his head got all fucked up, his brain still seems to work like normal. I guess the other part of it is still functioning over there. Sometimes he giggles out of nowhere, seeing God knows what where the other half of his eyes are


You can tell right away it’s not a fish testing the bait – it’s truly like another person’s grabbed the other end of the line and given it a tug, usually three short tugs. That’s about as much as they’ll bother you. Personally I think it’s their way of playing. When it gets stormy though, or if you’re in a spot that they don’t like you being in, they’ll pull differently. You’ll know as soon as they start that type of pulling. Best to just pack up and head home if that starts happening.

day 31 "Ripe" [cw nice and spooky agricultural body horror for halloween]


Big sticky plums
Big sticky plums
Chop one down and
…stick it up your bum!
Haha it doesn’t really go like that but that’s how we sang it when we were kids. I can’t even remember what the real rhyme went like. It was always really shitty work, I guess it helped to make fun of the whole thing. Nowadays I just tend to do it in silence.

I missed day 1 "Ring" since I started on the second, so here's my final Inktober drawing "Ring" today, on the 1st of November – since time is cyclical and so are fairy rings.

@bryn ahh thanks pal! i'm still really proud of this one, it might be my strongest work.

@knownrobes they're somehow burgling your house, the local tesco, the village church, and armed-robbing a bank all at the same time.

@alex dang I rll love all your inktobers, they're very good

food joking 

@alex I got dibs on the pineapple rings!

@QueenMollyBones isn't it! it's so effective with nothing overtly scary in it. just such a carefully made scene.

@bryn yo thanks! i'm taking a turn back into scary pictures for official spooky season.

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