downtown abbey movie please reveal the secret of the "shadow abbey" hinted at in the logo

@alex it's an upstairs, downstairs, ~downstairs~ period drama

@alex In Which The Abbey is Invaded by a Demogorgon

@alex I can tell you the secret right now. If you absorb a specific set of souls, some of which are well hidden, instead of fighting Graham as the final boss of Downton Abbey, you instead take Dracula's power and enter the Inverted Abbey where it's the same map but upsidedown and with new enemies and an altered layout.

@a_breakin_glass i've been playing Doom too much recently and this post is Too Real for me

@alex Downton Abbey but everyone's demons and nothing changes

@alex entering the Konami Code and watching Downton Abbey glitch out

@alex Stranger Things upside down tie in confirmed

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