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thanks again @Shrigglepuss and @ArtistMarciaX ! that was a tough watch but we got through it together 💪😤

Admire Palpatine's confidence & commitment to the bit, he had a wholesale warehouse of evil grey uniforms all ready to go


Acer Griseum, looking stunning in the autumn light. My favourite acer, this one is found in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

#Trees #Autumn

once i was getting a haircut and it was only me and the elderly male barber in there and classic fm was on the radio and they played "Leia's Theme" while he was cutting my hair and it felt uncomfortably intimate (probably for both of us)

the bit where the mask goes on is pretty effective imo

honestly anakin is convincing as an absolute dumbass who has decided to be evil

"the full power of the dark side" is that you can shoot lightning out of your fingers. everyone fears this immense power.

"Love won't save you, Padme. Only my new powers can do that"

"don't worry, C3PO will look after me"
10 minutes later: *somehow dead for some reason that absolutely no-one can remotely discern*

"…besides, 3PO will look after me" sure aye you're in great hands with that fuckin biscuit tin

CGI Yoda looks like he needs a good going over with a damp cloth


ah yeah, cool aliens in a space castle, this is the good stuff

C3PO only exists in this trilogy for people to tell him to fuck off. it's cool as fuck seeing it happen so much.

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