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Pixar CEO furiously, constantly pursuing the IP department to obtain the rights to "the Internet". IP is procrastinating because they know it's only gonna result in another Monsters Inc premise like "Jim Website works at Internet Corp"

Don't Shout

Move Closer

oh shit i need to reboot my campaign on this account

i think there's only about 2 or 3 situations in which shouting is necessary

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I think it's cool that before they got Superman's origin completely ironed out they made two separate comics showing that he was an extremely strong, lumpy baby that enjoyed lifting furniture in the orphanage

i've watched enough art film that i'm totally unable to discern if this exercises youtube channel is real or like someone's vaporwave grad project

"nostril flare exercise" 

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pokemon spoilers 

i'm joking of course! this is in no way unprecedented.

in an unprecedented turn of events i'm both tired *&* sleepy

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Put a Glaceon in a gym before bed and came back to 𝓔𝓔𝓥𝓔𝓔 𝓢𝓠𝓤𝓐𝓓 #pokemongo

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Get a load of this guy just progressively demonstrating bigger and bigger tarps

Tiny gnat that lives in the paper lampshade on my ceiling light and only comes out at night: *somehow produces, at full volume, the sound of a studio drum kit*

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Wrote about romantic cop kissing in Chulip, because this game deserves better than just being called shitty or weird:

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Transphobia warning, UK press 

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@alex next: Transformers: Bet You Didn't Expect Another Transformers Sequel 6: Fuck, that's a lotta Pokemon."

rebooting the same franchise movie every 4 years and subtitling it things like "how about now?" and "is that any better?"

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