@agenderagenda the fact that the "what is a woman" gotcha doesn't seem to have resulted in any younger, hipper candidates ad-libbing "a miserable little pile of secrets" makes me a little sad

"I’ve never been a prisoner, but I trust incarcerated people when they say it’s bad in there. I’ve never done sex work, but I trust sex workers when they say they need decriminalisation. Maybe the people I help deliver food to don’t really need it, but I trust that they do. I piece together my knowledge about the world from people around me who I trust and respect. My definitions are working definitions, up for discussion. Categories are just ways we make sense of the chaos of everything, but they don’t make it any less deeply chaotic. It’s chaos all the way down.

If you are ever asked “What is a woman?”, you are already in the trap. It’s too late, at that point, to say anything with liberatory potential."


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