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queer hope fragments 

The latest episode of Margaret Killjoy’s Cool People Who Did Cool Stuff podcast is about queer resistance to the Nazis - so, like, only hopeful for a certain given value of hopeful where you accept that they all fucking die, but you know, it’s a certain kind of hope.

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wanna see some shit i wrote? here's some shit i wrote in case you like it!!!!

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i do not have a gender and i enjoy being silly

help I am doing childcare and my charge has somehow discovered EDM remixes of Frozen on YouTube

it is impossible to tidy my bedroom because when I am in my bedroom I am spiritually compelled to SLEEP

feel all shrivelled up like a grumpy traumatised raisin

having to use local mutual aid whatsapps to source stuff to keep the kids in my state funded school cool and safe during 40 degree heat, because we live in a functioning society

BUT there are other people who apparently also want a meeting who are good people and not dickheads, to what extent they have been talked into this by terrible Colleague I do not know, but can’t risk it

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(he was at some point a QAnon believer and a covid denier. yes a teacher. yes the world is awful. yes. Yes. things are fine. )

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I know even dickheads deserve workplace rights but also, I hate him,,,

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help I’ve been asked to host a union meeting by my most hated and despised colleague

gonna have to go back on caffeine to get through the final week in my job, I love work, work is so good and makes so much sense

good evening what is everyone talking about today

i'm just a dad, standing in front of my household, trying to get everyone to follow some basic principles of keeping the space cool in hot weather

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I like it on here and it’s way better than twitter but I’m struggling slightly with the number of in jokes I don’t understand - I know that will get better with time. But in the mean time can anyone recommend accounts that just post like… informational content? cool cat facts? etc?

“if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions” is such a universally relatable experience

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extremely relatable behaviour from a kiddo at school today who ripped his favourite magazine into strips, became very upset he could no longer read it, and then insisted we help him put it back together with tape

me: “okay, sounds like you should use the computer method then.”

them: “why, is that easier?”

me: “well, it is for you, because you just said your iPad doesn’t have much battery and you’d rather not use it, so…”

them: “oh. yes. thank you for your help.”

my colleague interrupted me working to have this conversation with me!!!!

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actual conversation with a colleague:

them: “so how do I send these documents to parents? do I use my computer or my iPad?”

me: “I sent an email round with detailed instructions for how to do it. there are two ways, using either the computer or the iPad. you can use either.”

them: “well which one is easier?”

me: “they’re both pretty easy, it depends whether you find the iPad or the computer easier to use.”

them: “well I’ve lost the charger to my iPad, so it hasn’t got much battery” >>>

saw a blisteringly terrible anarchobro take on twitter yesterday which is that there is no such thing as a mutual aid organisation because as soon as your start organising in a group you immediately compromise the principle of mutual aid, which is only valid between individuals

okay bro just tell us nobody wants to organise with you

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