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this account exists because Justin put tea bags in the microwave is down, not sure why, emailed and DMed support

but if is down how will anyone know how I feel about jean jackets

they’re calling him the dennis farina of the maritimes

As a guy whose roots are in North Yorkshire, I hope not just for Scottish independence but also a war of southern expansion ASAP

right now i'm feeling like this woodcut of prince albert my great-great-great-great grandfather made

clap your hands say meh more like (if dennis miller was commenting on the clap for heroes thing but also was into early 2000s indie)

We should combine king’s cake and Christmas crackers. Cut into the cake and it blows up. Find plastic babies among the fumes

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I love Christmas crackers because we all need our dining room to smell faintly of gunpowder while we wear little paper crowns. This should be a part of every meal imo

pretending to be in europe when in fact I am awake and posting at 3:25 am strictly because my goddamn child will not go back to bed

my family comes from a forbidden part of yorkshire called sneaton, it is illegal to be from there

this account exists because Justin put tea bags in the microwave

federated social media is a type of pudding

You’re tellin’ me Common wealthed these nations?

this godforsaken website is a uk-based mastodon instance boasting literally thousands of posts about bumholes and UNESCO world heritage sites