I think someone's pet must have escaped :/ poor little thing. It disappeared and then the sun went down but I'll have to keep an eye out for it tomorrow

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Cooked a roast for me and my mum. First time I've ever done it all myself!

Posted this in a reply but here it is again. How to fill out the UK 2021 census independently from your household without them being able to see

Me: ok facebook has a couple of chill film groups that are nice and wholesome to look at sometimes. I'll go on facebook


I got this picture of a nuthatch on our tree by videoing on my phone through a binocular lens lmao! Pretty pleased with it considering the method of photography lol


I made Nigella's clementine cake for my mum's birthday and wow I cannot recommend this recipe enough! Almost a cheesecake texture and loads of clementine flavour nigella.com/recipes/clementine

Did the rspb garden birdwatch today and this fella stopped by!

this is usually a private golf course. criminalise golf, imo

selfie ec 

Having a stomp through the woods. It's good


omg the French name for the weird ass bamboo ultra beast is Bamboiselle!!! This is elite pokémon naming, absolutely terrible that they didn't use it for English too

As if things weren't bad enough, Covid-19 is the new WWE champion 😔

that's definitely not what I thought the film Ghost was like but ok

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