Idea: a tv show where people get a comfortable amount of time to make nice things

I'm looking for a 2 hour show which is just a skilled ceramicist working a potters wheel and talking to me while they're working.

@floppyplopper @WoozleWuzzle a whole TV channel that shows things being hand crafted in real time however many hours/days/weeks it takes mmmm

@Shrigglepuss @floppyplopper this would rule! the repair shop is a really nice programme with these kinda vibes

@WoozleWuzzle @floppyplopper yeah! I was at a museum once and there was a video installation of somebody making a traditional Japanese sword entirely faithfully with the clothing and everything, all in real time with no spoken words or music, just the ambient sounds and loooong cuts and a thing on the wall next to it about how long it takes, I watched for ages cos it was so mesmerising

@WoozleWuzzle have you seen the video of the welsh stone carver just taking his time and explaining things while he goes?

@Tel I haven't! I will save this for when I need to chill out. thank you :)

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