Did the rspb garden birdwatch today and this fella stopped by!

Also spotted: 1 redwing, 3 magpies, a jay, a green parakeet, 5 wood pigeons, 2 great tits, a jay and 3 crows. Plus, a red kite swooped overhead! You're only supposed to count ones that land but I'll sneak it in. And a goldfinch arrived 30 mins late (you're supposed to count the birds in one hour) but I'll allow it

@dreadpirateyarr haha, we're lucky, yeah! And it's pretty cool how much you notice just dedicating an hour or so like that to looking out for things :)

@bryn I was going to cc you in the post! V recommend doing it if you didn't already 💚

@bryn you can still submit for the next week! I will not tell if you do it a different day 🤐

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