Hello, I have just now seen the Oscar nominations and I cannot stop texting my husband "what the fuck"

@Pixley I mean, it's always a little hmm but this year is really especially hmmmmm, right??

@WoozleWuzzle it's really especially hmmmmm! Ford v Ferrari????? Tom Hanks as supporting actor in the Mr. Rogers movie, in which he plays Mr. Rogers??????? Like??????????


@Pixley yes!! I could not make out how he's not the lead in it. Very weird. And how on earth Tarantino has got in the director list ahead of Greta Gerwig is just, ughhhh. And like Scarlett Johansson twice. And Brad Pitt?? Booooo!

@WoozleWuzzle oh my god I didn't even notice Scarlett Johansson twice, ughhhhhhhhh come ON

@Pixley I mean, I would begrudge her for Marriage Story I suppose but goodness Jojo Rabbit looks tiresome. At least Parasite is there. And this movie Honeyland, which I really hope a bunch more people watch

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