I will never get disney+ but I would torrent the hell out of a Moon Knight series with Oscar Isaac in the lead

Try new limited edition Lunazade: Dark Side! The same cool Lunazade taste but with a cheeky dash of blackcurrant

Good news is that once a US corporation begins exploiting the moon's resources for $ nobody will ever need to write a sci-fi dystopia again

I for one can't wait for my favourite corporation to charge me £20 for a bottle of Lunade™️

Ok, moon, but we have water here. Come back with something worthwhile, for god's sake

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im looking for a girl with an x factor but i don't judge like simon does

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work moan 

I'm behind on my deadline already and getting asked about it. not in a "why are you behind?" way at all but I feel like I need to come up with tangible reasons rather than just saying "it's just fucking hard when everything seems fucked, y'know?" and then crying

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uhh so Brian David Gilbert just dropped a short horror film on YouTube today, it's called "Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss" and it's really good

it's, like, REALLY good, but,

content warning: identity horror, EXTREME unreality cues/derealization triggers including digital media degradation artifacts and unsettling shifts in narration

"I'm a radical leftist but I'd shag [insert literal fascist]" is a deeply embarrassing genre

Hmm, much more confused about it this time than I was either of the other times I watched it. No idea what to make of the final shot. Or the mermaid

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Selfie, eye contact 

Hey so I went brunette and cut in a fringe!!!

Think it's time for The Lighthouse viewing no. 3. What's a timberman want with bein a wickie?

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watching Bob's Burgers and eating a big pizza. it's really great

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Food, bad 

Well I just cracked open an egg that was full of black blood, how's everyone else's Friday afternoon going

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It's going to be beers o'clock. The only problem is going to holding the can steady, I'll be laughing that hard.

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