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using my 10,000 sex arses to smuggle british sausages into the EU

Yknow when people put asterisks in to stop name searchers finding tweets? I used to think they were implying that the person was such a dickhead that their name could be used as a swearword and were jokily censoring it

- but nothing 

I swear in the last couple of years I've become thick as shit lmao. like, I can barely follow basic stories, don't get anything beyond surface-level meaning in things, memory is fucked. it sucks

game pass is going to let me indulge my worst habit of having zero patience with games. already uninstalled Subnautica after five minutes lol

before any of the games from the direct come out everyone should play Paradise Killer though

hmm. that was not really worth it for like 3 seconds of BOTW2 lol

Hmm. This is a kinda crappy direct so far. But monkey ball and wario at least

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