started welling up at someone explaining the concept of the internet. it's fine. I'm fine

I think I need to do some kind of memory exercises (??) or something because mine is so fucked and it's depressing

the new Halo campaign looks fucking shit. it feels so lazy to just use the new console power to make it open-world for no good reason and dump in a ton of pointless base-clearing tasks and meaningless upgrades. booooo


lonely as shit. still. literally just gonna always be like this, I know it

Dubious Food™︎ 

Maybe next week I'll try making my own Dubious Food from Breath of the Wild

So far the idea for food that could look like this but taste good, is:

- a frenched lamb chop with purple and green olive tapenade

- a roast chicken leg with a baby spinach and roasted beet salad

- a roast turkey leg with broccoli and purple potatoes

If you have any good ideas (no food coloring please, I want a challenge) please share 🍽

bro get in bro we are going to Break all 15 crates without dying in order to earn a purple gem

imagine how much cool shit we'd be able to do and say and make if we didn't have to do our silly little jobs

Let’s hear it for the people that put the toothpaste on their teeth. Sickos for sure but at least they take care of their dental hygiene

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When you brush your teeth do you:

squid game full series spoilers 

I actually thought the last 2 or 3 episodes had some of the best writing. felt quite significant to have a North Korean defector character die in a symbol for capitalism in the south and say "I want to go home". 001 being the overseer was silly and predictable but executed ok. very Korean drama. boring to follow into an inevitable second series. it should have been a one-off thing. maybe ending with Gi-hun having settled on a nice use for the money

got that friday* feeling!

*wow this country plumbs new depths every day, huh

Rocky Horror is happening and I look great tbh (selfies, ec, feathers)

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