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I want to make activity pub compatible applications but I am small and tired. Is there a good walk through of how to make your own AP modules?

English dialects and accents are so vastly diverse, and none of them are "correct", "proper" or "good", putting subtitles into media only for specific accents is so chastising. Mini-rant over, anyway. As you were

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Accents should be celebrated and let to thrive ofc, I get sick of people saying "Not being racist but I couldn't understand their accent, they were from India or something" or whatever. Like fuck off, you'd understand them better if you didn't spend your whole life avoiding these people, I understand what they're saying just fine? If you're new to a language then fair play, stick the subtitles on because it will help, but if it's your first language being spoken try harder damn it

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A quick note on the accent thing on this toot though, you know when TV programmes add subtitles directly into the feed for people with a strong accent speaking the same language as everyone else in the video? Don't do that, it's gross. Let the viewer decide if they need that aid instead of saying to the audience "we think this person requires corrections on their speaking/are bad at speaking". I see it a lot for example with African people in documentaries and it irritates the shit out of me

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Also, if you post videos, are they captioned/subtitled for deaf users/people that struggle with accents or are unfamiliar with the language spoken orally/people that prefer to watch things on mute while they listen to something else? x

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Doing a repair for one of my partially sighted customers today, so here's your semi-regular to ask yourself if if your website supports high-contrast mode and do your social media posts and images online have captions? Are your display name and posts screen reader friendly? They're all small straightforward things that can be the difference between being inclusive or exclusive x

inspired by @Shrigglepuss , i made a playlist of songs i didn't know in high school that i think my 16 year old self would like

It's been a while since I read Lord of the Rings I can't remember if Sam and Smรฉagol got married in the end

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Lord of the Rings, but when they get to the altar at the end in the big wedding scene, best man Frodo is all "shit, I forgot the ring"

uk census information for lgbtq+ folks 

via twitter:
The Census is coming. For any LGBT+ person who is not out you can over-write any information submitted about you via a individual access code at

No-one in your household will be notified about your changes.

A lot of my job is "trick the computer into doing what it was supposed to be doing in the first place" sigh

@Shrigglepuss yeah i put it out about a year ago, hoping to start work on new material in the coming weeks/months once i get my workspace tidied up after a year of using it as a dumping ground for assorted stuffs

the title is a pun on "adolescence" and the content is essentially solipsistic meanderings concerning the last 20-ish years of my life :thinkergunsunglasses:

waking with dinosaurs says that diplodocus is the biggest animal that will ever walk the earth and I feel like that's very pessimistic.

Ok Fediverse, your homework is to make a playlist to send back in time to your 16 year old self that you think will be Entirely Their Jam

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Here's the ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿž playlist. I imagined what playlist I'd make to send back in time to 16-year-old-Shrig, things I loved to bits already, and things that hadn't been written yet:

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