The 4 genres of music:
🌊 Sea shanty
🌳 Land shanty
🌬️ Air shanty
🌌 Space shanty

I can think of a song to represent all of these genres apart from air (I'm close though) and it's doing my tits in

@Shrigglepuss ah yes, my favorite space shanty goes a little something like this:



(in space, noone can hear you shanty)


I mean...this guy says it's a song about fish and the sea, but all the choruses are about wind and storm...dunno if that counts 🤷🏾‍♀️🌬️🌪️

@IridisSparks Space is a really easy one for me on its own haha I have the perfect one for that

@Shrigglepuss Sam Jones is the best space shanty I know. Best I can do for an air shanty off the top of my head is a couple of verses Kipling wrote for “With the Night Mail”, but I’ve never heard them sung - and Kipling’s not a great choice anyway

@Shrigglepuss I like that. Mine is filk, written for and about C J Cherryh’s future history:

@ghost_bird Nice! Coming up with an Air one is still doing me in a bit, it's surprisingly hard to try and remember any repetitive or procedural folk songs about labouring in the air funnily enough haha

@eldang @ghost_bird This is the part where I reveal I actually live under a rock and say I haven't heard them, but if it's something about working an airship then I expect so!

@Shrigglepuss @ghost_bird Not so much from a worker's perspective - closer to the English folk music tradition of songs about dying at sea.
So maybe it doesn't quite count as a shanty.

@Shrigglepuss @ghost_bird (also, I thought they had several airship songs, but it might just be that the one is 18 minutes long)

@eldang @ghost_bird Hilariously, the closest I can think of up to now is Ian Van Dahl's Castles in the Sky on the grounds that it's a trance anthem so it's a repetitive as fuck, designed as a background to keep time with repetitive physical motions, and soooort of about construction and the sky if you ignore literally all of the metaphor right? Ideally I should be sleeping instead of clutching at all these straws hahaha

@Shrigglepuss @ghost_bird the examples that came to mind for me are all possible to sing a capella and about how much working there sucks.

Land: (also underground)
Air: (a military song but it's hard to think of other air work done collectively)
Space: the game Warframe has some phenomenal music about space work. (the track that got me interested in the game)

@dheadshot @Shrigglepuss we should start singing them on the Tube (although it will probably end up being discouraged/banned by TfL and BTP, like how the banjolele was in 2010 classed as an "undesirable instrument")

It was?! If it's the favoured instrument of the performer most loved by both the Queen & Queen Mother, it shouldn't be banned anywhere in the UK!

@dheadshot @vfrmedia Honestly underground shanties would be songs written to sing while mining, surely? I bet there's loads of them!

@dheadshot @Shrigglepuss

they existed up to the 1980s and the miners strike - the handful of remaining mines in the UK are now open cast and heavily automated (so not as much opportunity for singing)

@dheadshot @vfrmedia If they were written down or recorded, they're not dead :thinkergunsunglasses:
Mining communities and live music are quite tightly linked here in a recreational sense so I don't think you'd have to look too find to find workplace-based songs from them too

@dheadshot @vfrmedia Oh! And of course lots and lots and lots of chants, either in protest or against rival mines (a lot of which were very xenophobic between English and Welsh miners, I just had a quick peek yikes)

@Shrigglepuss I would very much like to hear some space shanty.

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