The fediverse as a whole has massively failed the soon to be closed The very least we can do is to send some money over to Ikora to wish them the best in their future endeavours.
It's a gesture that's coming too late really and I'd much sooner see that a an instance ran by a Black person can survive here after others have ultimately been driven out by the relentless bullshit they've faced in this space, but we should be giving thanks non-the-less:

I'm frankly sick of losing so many Black friends I've made in this space to so many of your bullshit. The next instance that comes along had better be welcomed warmly as they deserve. To my Black friends still sticking around: You're hard as fucking nails, honestly

@Shrigglepuss you are the only person in my home timeline ive seen talk about this so far and im trying so hard not to get pointlessly pissy about that.

I wish Ikora the best.

@Mayana @Shrigglepuss "shit" is just a summation of the state of the fedi at this point

@ljwrites @Mayana It's certainly not the social paradise it professes to be, by a very long stretch

@Shrigglepuss @Mayana yeah it definitely has features that sold me (don't have to see fucking terfs, Nazis, and centrists), but when someone gets overly starry-eyed over it I'm like "you sound white"

@ljwrites Hah, yeah.
It certainly isn't anyone's obligation to educate me, but if I may ask, is there a thread where I could learn more? I haven't been active on the Fedi for a chunk of time, just came back yesterday. This is the first time I'm hearing of this.
But obviously, I can already guess. Names change, instances change, people stay shit.

@Shrigglepuss oh no, that's the first time I even hear about this 😣 I'm so sorry.

@Shrigglepuss not about the instance, but that they are closing. I really wish them all the best

@Shrigglepuss yeah that's why I am wondering how many did it use to have before announcing it would close down

I don't like stuff like this happening in the fedi, but in the grand scheme of things not even Twitter is as big as some online people make it out to be.

At least here people can migrate and stuff

@joel People shouldn't feel forced to migrate from one instance to an other because of the colour of their skin or daring to convene together in their own corner with other Black users. Many Black users have had such dire experiences that they've left and not come back at all...

@joel Black people in the fediverse should be free to exist wherever they choose to like anybody else here without being harassed. Even if it were a single-user instance being pushed out of this space it would still be an equally shameful thing to happen which falls on all of us to fix

@Shrigglepuss This is the first time I've even heard of 🐝


@Shrigglepuss You said "the fediverse as a whole has massively failed..."

And, well, you can't expect everyone to help make something a success when they haven't even heard of it.


@matt Those spaces in the fediverse that had heard of them and reacted with racism and/or hostile and tiring nonsense was no small cross-section and given the experiences that other instances ran by Black people had faced here in comparison to their white peers it's reasonable to come to the conclusion that the fediverse as a whole continues not to be a safe or welcoming space to those instances. That you personally hadn't heard of them isn't really important, this isn't about your experience

@Shrigglepuss (heads-up: the instance is shutting down so donating to the opencollective for the instance will not make the money legally available for any purpose that is not "maintaining the instance". instead, donate directly)

@Shrigglepuss What can we do for the next instance? What mistakes can we learn from here? Anything a common user can do?

@marenzie There's plenty of different things to do imo; be welcoming, be quick and pro-active in making sure the wider fediverse boots off any pockets of hostility (using the fediblock tag, DMing admins etc- if you don't feel safe doing that so publicly people like myself are happy to do it for you), have words amongst ourselves if we see any users in our own circles participating in anti-blackness unknowingly or otherwise, be hostile/isolating towards those that would see Black users gone etc

@marenzie Above all though, we should listen to our Black peers here to what they ask of us, sincerely take it on board and act on it beyond just the performative x


Shit. I was dealing with Covid all of last week and I had no idea any of this was going down.

Do you know who was doing the harassing? Asking b/c I want to make sure I'm not following them. :( You can DM me if you'd rather. Thanks.

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