Idea: Wrestler entrance sequences but for every day stuff. Here's my entrance music for walking into a room to fix some shit but with pyrotechnics and stobes and streamers and waving my screwdrivers around and shedding my cape to reveal my computer repair person spandex shorts I'm wearing under there with circuit boards printed on it or whatever:

An other idea: I post this toot onto my business page on Facebook


and you have to trashtalk very loudly and aggressively to the items that need to be fixed 💪 😎

@pmj I walk in and grab their computer and throw it out the window


and then just stand there and pose for like 5 minutes 😂

@pmj And if they complain I'll throw them out the window too

@Shrigglepuss At a former job, the boss listened to music via speakers plugged into the file server. I timed how long it took me to walk to his office and told the server to cut to the Imperial March just as I walked in...

@diffrentcolours Looks like somebody's a strong contender for the Nerd Champion Belt

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