Idea: A Cradle of Filth covers band but in a 90s boyband style. I just want to hear *NSYNC singing pervy pseudo-Victorian macabre poetry with a happy lil dance routine and peppy backing track ok!!

@Shrigglepuss Heaving midst narcissus *undulating synchronized dance routine*
On a maledict blanket of sta-a-ars *bright rising tone*
She was all three wishes *the boys wink and point*
Sex (ooh), sex (yeah), sex (oh yeah!)

🎤 All lines dine on this instance
A melting spool of beggar, negative frames
The skies teem alive, to watch die
Mankind hauled to fable in vast tenement graves...
Baby bye bye bye (bye bye!)
Cuthuluuuuu Dawwwnnn

@Shrigglepuss alternatively, cradle of filth doing loads of boyband covers, imagine them doing backstreets back

@guerrillarain They did a cover of Heaven 17's Temptation which isn't a million miles off right? I can be hopeful about this haha

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