Caught a look at my self in the mirror before a shower and got that "wow people trust this guy with their computers? They look like somebody that lives in the forest and has never seen a computer in their life" feeling. I'm rocking it though :thinkergunsunglasses: 🪹

@Shrigglepuss idk I'd probably trust someone who looks like they live in a forest and has never seen a computer with my computer more than the usual stereotypical software lad

@Shrigglepuss when I first started using computers, it was normal and to a great extent *expected* for men who were interested in them to have long hair and beards, like prog rock wizard type chaps, and an excessively tidy beard was a source of suspicion (that would more often be associated with those who support business systems that suits used, such as MSDOS/Windows)

@vfrmedia Maybe this is why an overwhelming majority of my customers are 50+ years old, they get it

@Shrigglepuss that would make perfect sense (in 1988 I remember there was this bearded chap in the top of the anarchist bookshop in my town who hoarded and resold all sorts of old computers/electronics, a lot of it recovered/nicked from surplus of the big tech companies of Reading and the military industrial complex..)

@vfrmedia @Shrigglepuss Can confirm that the stereotype for computer wizards was 'beardo who lives in techno-cave' and the 'wizard' designation was well-earned.

@Shrigglepuss some of the coolest people at the hackerspaces I attended looked like that, so yeah, it checks out :D

@Shrigglepuss that sounds like precisely the sort of person you should trust with a computer

@Shrigglepuss incidentally, i saw your post moments after reading this in another tab, which i can assume must have already primed me for this very duality:

> Albert Szent-Györgyi, who wrote that "a discovery must be, by definition, at variance with existing knowledge",[16] divided scientists into two categories: the Apollonians and the Dionysians.

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