Idea: Gaming hardware brands but instead of "Vengeance", "Fury", "Hyper-X", "TUF", "Crosshair", "Dark Hero" etc etc, they're called things like "Rapscallion", "Roughian", "Scallywag", "Miscreant", "Brute" etc etc

Got a sick gaming rig mate, it's got an Asus Scallywag Pro VII with 32GB of Bloody Fisticuffs memory

@Shrigglepuss check out my new rig, I shoved an MSI Belligerent 9090 in there

@Shrigglepuss Tbh I'd trust a device named "rapscallion" or "scallywag" more than "savage" or "crosshair" or whatever I keep waiting for there to be a cozy wood cabin looking PC parts line. Wood grain, brass accents, maybe the odd bits of satin black plastic. A scant few amber LEDs.

@GreatJoe yeah this could work! The way most folk seem to build their PCs would be a big ol fire hazard with that wood in there though haha Feel free to look up the Volta V. Really, all you need is proper ventilation and you're mercifully free of fires.

@GreatJoe Super weird how they fit the motherboard in there, guess it could be interesting on a desk where it's viewed from behind too though

@GreatJoe I'm struggling to figure out how that graphics card is secured in too! It's definitely a weird layout, and I don't have the faintest idea how it's secured. You'd think they'd go for something at least a bit closer to the ITX standard, or ITX-adjacent like Thermaltake's The Tower. Still, the advent of PCI-E risers means you can theoretically put a graphics card anywhere.

@GreatJoe yeah, and that's fine using a riser like that, it works! But like how is its back plate securing it on into to wood cos that's a lot of weight! it looks a bit misaligned in one of the photos too... If I was designing it I'd go for a fully metal powder coated back panel personally, and at that price with the motherboard I/O cut into it too

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