Fun little fact: Every single drive on this planet can and will fail one day. Be sure to have backups of your data

@Shrigglepuss [kidding] That is a myth by big data to sell more backup drives. 🤪

Things are more exciting and adventurous without backups.

@Shrigglepuss OTOH if your old drives fail before you copy the contents onto new drives, you'll have SO much room for new files!

@Shrigglepuss if i wasn't so busy aka procrastinating, would exist to guide people towards proper backups :)
It's still a WIP

extremely rough draft visual representation of the website :Blobhaj:
- no corporate sponsorship
- cloud providers recommended as is, personal recommendation only based on good experiences
- site content has git repo for feedback + improvement
- html + css, no javascript
- alternative static html/txt copy for text based browsers like lynx
- simple graphics, wording. Git repo can help with translating

Click on options, taken to next options, etc until result.

@Shrigglepuss should we do it? Should we make the right decision?

NEEEEVEEERRR! Let's make poor decisions!! Wooooo!

@Shrigglepuss this is also why having a remote backup service is worth it for me, not only because of "house burned down" scenarios but because I do not have the first (1st) clue how to upkeep and change out drives while the professionals do.

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