Anyway, now I can get to work fixing the issue this actually came in with oops

@Shrigglepuss not too dissimilar to my last tower, minus fire damage! if there's a tiny pile of cat puke down under that SSD, yeah sorry about that, that's my old computer.

@Shrigglepuss oh god is that rly bare copper wire touching metal and floating about electronics :mild_panic:

@Shrigglepuss My day job. Have Noctua fans, drive mounting plates, ESD kit and a brush; will travel.

@Shrigglepuss I think there's only two of my customers rocking systems with floppy drives in them. One of them also has an SSD, they're like myths that refuse to die.

@Shrigglepuss "yes sir, the "hyper cooling" unit was installed!"

@Shrigglepuss there’s a lot going on this picture. That’s a shit ton of cables for most of the large bays being empty. Then there’s a couple normal looking hard drives but, wait, is that white thing on the bottom right another drive? And maybe you wouldn’t need to strap an extra fan on there if you hadn’t wedged in 40 meters of cabling.

@Shrigglepuss Every day I thank god my latest tower came with removable dust traps

Ope, better watch out, it's got the Turbo 3D in there.

At least the supply rails should be happily free of noise with that NINE HUNDRED WATT PSU


@Shrigglepuss That before/after is so satisfying, though, thank you for your service.

@ljwrites @Shrigglepuss how will it survive without its Space Fan though!!
I don’t understand the initial amount of cable. 😵‍💫

@ljwrites @Shrigglepuss and that’s how Shrigg casually solved global warming.
And computer innards from hell.

@stragu @Shrigglepuss "reckon I can fix the Earth if I can fix these hunks of metal from hell!"

@Shrigglepuss I wish my computer had 'Turbo 3D'. That sounds great.

@Shrigglepuss I thought it looked familiar, until I noticed the mounting on the "space fan" That's even too much for my sketchy installing proclivities.

Sweet baby jesus! Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

That's what they look like when I get them.

@Shrigglepuss That is hugely reminiscent of my frankenbox ca 2000, which never had the side on, and at least one hard drive perched on something inappropriate outside of it at all times. That's not wildly inappropriate construction, it's "character".

@Shrigglepuss the least realistic thing about PC Building Simulator is that you won't encounter anything like this

@Shrigglepuss It resembles a computer, but I’m not an expert so I’m not sure.

@Shrigglepuss My first PC had a cardboard box instead of a case, so it could be worse

@Shrigglepuss hey, we all have different cable management philosophies....

@Shrigglepuss I once worked on a tower PC in a warehouse. Someone had left a slot cover off and several mice were living in it.

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