People love to tell me stories about their punch card days, just had a guy tell me that they used the punched out bits as confetti at his wedding because he and his wife had met at work operating the computers. Nerdy and romantic recycling story there for ya, anyway ♻️ 👰 🤵 🖥️

An update on this cute story: I was speaking with an other customer today and mentioned this story to her, she said this was a really common thing!! They found all sorts of uses for these punched out bits of paper, and confirmed it got everywhere like glitter haha

@Shrigglepuss in a weird bit of synchronicity, I was looking at an old paper punch just today and thinking maybe I could make confetti for my kid with it. Huge mess but he'd have fun!

@ljwrites Yeah, he said afterwards that he was finding bits of that stuff everywhere years after he'd left :oh_no:

Star Wars reference 

@Shrigglepuss "It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere!"

Star Wars joke 

@ljwrites @Shrigglepuss Tatooine used to be an ocean planet until the galactic republic started dumping their leftover punchcard punch-out-bits there.

Designing droids and star destroyers takes a lot of punchcards.

@Shrigglepuss Ah, fond memories of the IBM 029 card punch machine. We would punch out words and ascii designs on the cards. They made for a good way to jot down notes on the back too.

@Shrigglepuss I used to make confetti like this by coloring paper and then stampings it out with a hole puncher

@Shrigglepuss my mom thought I was being really smart about it.

@Shrigglepuss kind of tragi comic. I met my ex on a cheap labour fruit farm in UK, while operating the conveyor belt all day.

@Shrigglepuss my high school geometry teacher had stacks and stacks of old punch cards from her college days and would hand them out as scrap paper

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