Does anyone here use Blender? How did you get started with it, or how do you wish you'd started learning how to use it in retrospect? I need a new hobby, and it's about time I started exploring this option x

@Shrigglepuss Blender Guru's famous donut tutorial for all the basics, cgmatter and Ian Hubert for quick neat tutorials to learn more complex stuff (they're also great to just watch)

@Shrigglepuss yep! unfortunately most of the tutorials were video-based (which i hate, i would have preferred text). idk if that's changed since i learned it.

@alex I had a quick look through their guide website, it looked amazing compared to other programs for referring back to what each tool does/how to use it, but like where do I /start/ learning what a tool even is or about best-practise workflows etc. I have such minuscule amounts of free time so I wanna dive into it without chasing my tail as much as possible if I can =D

@Shrigglepuss imo: start off by making a simple non-moving scene made of basic shapes (snowmen is a good one), learn to apply materials to them, and then try out some test renders of that. after that maybe learn to keyframe animate that scene. figuring out all that should give you a really broad view of all of the basics!

@alex Sweet! So like get a simple scene in mind as a goal that covers the basics of everything in that one scene so I get an overview of how everything ties together and build out from there?

@Shrigglepuss yeah! pretty much anything you run into doing that should be easy to google and you'll get a good grounding of the main principles.

@alex Nice nice, I have two ideas already that might be reasonable goals for an absolute beginner so fingers crossed 🤞

Blender is awesome - go for it.

it is also enormous, so pick your target. I use it for Video (Post)production and know very little about the 3D part :)

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