Here's the debut solo release from Maybeshewill's drummer and friend Jim Collins that he's too shy to promo so I'll do it for him 'cos it's good: letmehearshyness.bandcamp.com/
Here's Farai's Rebirth, 'cos it's mesmerising to me every time:
Here's Her Name is Calla's Animal Choir 'cos I'm in the "thanks" section of their final album above their regular tour manager's name which is hilarious to me because I did nothing to earn it: hernameiscalla.bandcamp.com/al


Here's We're The Ones by Fold, because I want everyone to listen to it: fold.bandcamp.com/album/were-t
Here's Nihiloxica by Nihiloxica because :oof: !!: nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/a
Here's Adult Lessons by drembot because @kiki made it and is well worth a listen: drembot.bandcamp.com/album/adu
Here's Without the Eyes by CLT DRP because it was my album of 2020 and will tear your actual face off: cltdrp.bandcamp.com/album/with

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@Shrigglepuss thank you for the shoutout! :blobcheer:

also big agree on Fold and Nihiloxica, will check out CLT DRP

for folks doing bandcamp friday shopping - obvs if you fancy spending money on my work i'd greatly appreciate it but give your support to other artists first (all my stuff is available for free so go wild!)

as much as i'd love to make my living from music, i have a day job so i don't have to rely on it for money right now so mostly i'm just happy if people hear it

@kiki Get that CLT DRP album on unsensibly loud if you can, it'll chew you up and spit you out =p

@Shrigglepuss that cover art sure is powerful

looking forward to getting chewed up

@kiki I think it'll be my post-work music today, big week ending vibes :doge:

@Shrigglepuss yeah got chewed up and spit out alright, CLT DRP going up high on the list of "groups i desperately want to see live once gigs are a thing that happens in the world again"

@Shrigglepuss yeah that's the kind of experience i'm really missing these days

@kiki Absolutely, those drops are massive in the record as it is but live they hit like an asteroid or something MMMMM
CW: Flashing images

@Shrigglepuss yeah this is definitely what i'm after - three musicians going fucking wild while remaining a tight unit is just :blobhearteyes:

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