You don't fight a dumpster fire with a flamethrower so why would you engage in a serious conversation with a fascist? They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience and the only "work" that will have been done is that you've indulged their lust for attention and handed them their air time.
Instead, try pulling the soapbox from beneath their feet and hope the fall kills them off. Walk away towards better times after where they don't exist, shout "mind that mess" on your way out

@Shrigglepuss also if you think you can find common ground with fascists to have a working class revolution... literally die.

@ljwrites :1000: Imagine rooting for a white supremacist coup, what do they expect happens afterwards if they succeed? Blimey.

@Shrigglepuss @ljwrites gonna love self-proclaimed anarchists who stopped at state = bad. As if fascists need even more supporters these days... At least you know where they will turn to if a coup happens to succeed. Fuck them!

@VoidDrone @ljwrites Absolutely. It's immature, disappointing, unhelpful, and dangerous. I hate to see it.
State = bad, yes. But also consider: Fascists left to their own devices while you look away, also bad :yikes:

@Shrigglepuss I agree on the "attention" part. I - personally - disagree on the "hoping the fall kills them" part. Not for their benefit but for mine. Hate is like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other. It kills both eventually and turns the spiral. I work with the ones whos motivation is creation, I filter out the destructive (hateful) ones and talk about what we do. We had the Communist/Fashist spiral in Germany in the Weimar Republic, I don't want a replay.

@pwallenb In the space of one toot there's no much space for nuance, but "kills them off" could just as much mean "kill their chances of trying again and leave them slinking off with their tail between their legs, never to bark their fascism to anyone who will listen again until they can come back and Not Be A Fascist"

@pwallenb @Shrigglepuss We don't have to continue killing when the poison worked once.

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