Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it

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@Shrigglepuss Free speech is fine and dandy until it gets used as an excuse to be a terrible person


We must protect free speech, doesn't matter how disgusting it sounds to us.

@redstarfish it matters how disgusting it is to me if it's harming my friends. Fucking hell

@Shrigglepuss can't wait to go up to @redstarfish 's house and just shout curse words at him 24/7 until he realizes that every right and principle is subject to reasonable limits

@wilbr @Shrigglepuss
You misunderstand.. You have the right to curse me, but I also have the right not to hear you.

@redstarfish @wilbr and then, when there's a whole crowd of us on your door doing it? You'll still protect our words while you keep your fingers in your ears and that will be enough for you to feel safe?

@Shrigglepuss @wilbr

I wouldn't feel safe.. My fear would be they will *physically hurt* me. But when they physically hurt me then it stops being a "speech" and should be punished. But if they keep things peaceful and just sits there shouting, I'll have to accept it, how unpleasant it may be for me.

If we don't protect free speech than dictators or authoratarian govts. will try to silence us much more.

@redstarfish @wilbr Mental health and wellbeing isn't a thing in your universe then huh?
Well, in that case: 1) You're a massive wet flannel and as much as I'd gladly shout about how much of a megacunt I think you are I've got better things to do, but feel free to wrap that sentiment in a big warm and protective hug regardless. 2) I hope the physical act of my finger pressing the block button doesn't hurt your feelings xoxox

@Shrigglepuss this might actually be a good way to explain the paradox of tolerance

@irieldescent I'll be honest, it's probably the best thing I've ever come up with =p

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