Vim is Notepad but with Street Fighter controls

@Shrigglepuss Well, that explains why my code keeps doing Spinning Bird Kicks.

here you go [birdsite link #2] 

@Tak @Shrigglepuss

And from the same artist who created that delight, you have

for additional gamer pleasure.

here you go [birdsite link #2] 

@ed1conf I'd literally kill for this. 馃敧馃槀 @Tak @Shrigglepuss

@Shrigglepuss It鈥檚 the regular expressions that make it worth the pain, imho.

Well I'm not sure I want to know what happens when you press the colon button, I bet it's a "shitty" result :p


@Shrigglepuss Emacs is vim but with non-editor gorwn-up stuff as well 馃槈

@Shrigglepuss thanks, I finally figured why I love Vim so much

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