A really good idea is to read someone's bio before following. At least get to know them a bit before following them around right? xox


Reading bios before following is good because:
✨ you can learn really basic essentials for future interactions like pronouns
✨ find out important boundaries to prevent you from sticking your foot in it later (check pinned toots too!)
✨ learn their interests for an idea of what they might toot about
✨ website links to have a nosey at their art, projects, etc and potentially give support towards them
✨ discover the big red flags early
✨ it's just polite, really

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Also polite: *having* a bio shortly after joining. Even if it just says something like, "My best friend is a hamster and yesterday I dyed my roots back to purple again."

@xenophora I like the idea of a microform biography social media bio tbf

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