Amazon glitches and somebody buys the whole of Amazon through Amazon Warehouse Deals by accident

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A one hour downer about technology for the purposes of entertainment and galaxy brain chats down the pub only

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A cautionary tale about the hubris of mankind's inventions with no real lesson

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Saying "Wouldn't it be fucked up if" while browsing the gadgets section in the Argos catalogue and getting Channel 4 on board with it

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The fediverse but centralised by some company and "toots" are called "tweets"

I'm going to stop with these now, I'm starting to piss myself off so I really feel for you lot

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@c0debabe What if Google is the real reflection in that mirror all along :thinkergunsunglasses:

Shrig, shrigg, shriggs, what's a good way to protect my computer if I want to keep using windows 7?

@gattogateaux There's no easy answer to this if you'll be using it online, I can't recommend it but you've got your reasons I'm sure!
Easiest first key steps would be to keep regular backups if you're not already and harden the security around your connection/web browser. Also, avoid storing sensitive information on it if at all possible.
That's all a bit vague though. DM me if you want some more help with it

@Shrigglepuss thanks for being willing to give me advice! I will most probably need to DM you with questions when I get into it. πŸ™

@Shrigglepuss thank you for providing this live tech news service for all these years

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