Christmas was originally called Christ Massive and was started as a secret little rave out in the early ADs, not many people know this but The Disciples were a pretty good early example of drum and bass collectives.
Anyway, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas

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Santa earned his sainthood for being the steward that kindly handed out bottles of water and glow sticks every year, he's still at it last I heard

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@a_breakin_glass turning water into crime, it was a typo they've not fixed yet

@Shrigglepuss I kid you not, a few years back the Church of England helped some friends of mine put on a drum and bass event in a redundant church when no other venue in the town wanted anything to do with them πŸ˜†

@vfrmedia I went to a silent disco in a cathedral this year, they're still keeping the party vibes strong haha

@vfrmedia @Shrigglepuss The Swedish Church diocesan where I grew up played a Rock Mass and also produced their own Youth Mass, which was pop/rock. I joined the youth choir not long after they had recorded their album, just missed it, but we recorded another album a few years later.
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