If you wanna space opera it up and join us watching a whole lot of Star Wars but can't make it with any/all of the films at the times we'll be watching them, don't worry at all! Join in with the hashtag anyway or follow along at a different time, we're excited to have you along! πŸŽ‰

Screenreader friendly version of the poster:
We're having a Star Wars film marathon across the fediverse!
You're invited to watch along with us and join in with the hashtag. If you're not interested, you may want to mute it. If you're extra interested, follow it!
We will be watching the films by pressing play at exactly 6PM GMT on the following dates, which is 10AM PDT, 12PM CDT, 7PM CET
The dates we will be watching each film are in the next toot. (1/2)

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The Phantom Menace on Sunday, 3rd of November
Attack of the Clones on Friday, 8th of November
Revenge of the Sith on Wednesday, 13th of November
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Monday, 18th of November
A New Hope on Sunday, 24th of November
The Empire Strikes Back on Friday, 29th of November
Return of the Jedi on Wednesday, 4th of December
The Force Awakens on Tuesday, 10th of December
The Last Jedi on Sunday, 15th of December
Don't forget to tag your spoilers! (2/2)

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I made a handy calendar file for you to add the dates and times into your diaries! It should work on most calendar apps and sort its own time zone out for you automatically, but double check the times against the poster just incase x

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A reminder to everyone that doesn't want the timeline to be completely saturated in posts, you can hide them in your settings.
If you're joining us, pin it into its own column!

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