UK politics / Grenfell Tower / Jacob Rees-Mogg / Andrew Bridgen 

The MP that "represents" my constituency is a proper horrible person, and for fuck-knows what reason is currently trying to out-scumbag Rees-Mogg.
North West Leicestershire needs this un-compassionate nasty piece of shit voted out in the upcoming election or I'll scream. He doesn't represent me for absolutely fucking sure. This isn't even a one-off, he's a proper cunt.

UK politics / Homophobia / Sexuality Percicution / Andrew Bridgen 

I mean, remember that time he thought it was inappropriate to have a memorial to executed gay men and reliably votes against gay rights, or even human rights in general?
What a top fucking bloke to have speaking for me in parliament.

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UK politics / Homophobia / Sexuality Percicution / Andrew Bridgen 

@Shrigglepuss fuck Daily Mail too. what a nazi shit rag.

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