A (rare) critical article about Purism's Librem 5 phone;
The Sad Saga of Purism and the Librem 5 by Jay Little:
This focuses (in three parts!) on their phone and Purism as a hardware company and doesn't even get around to touching on the hate speech enabling social network they host. The long and short of it is that you should be avoiding Purism like a bad smell.

@Shrigglepuss I'm glad I canceled in early August, sounds like a bunch of people won't be as lucky

@Shrigglepuss Well @purism is actually here in the Fediverse. I'd like to know what they think about it!

@phel @purism go for it, they've been approached about their shitty code of conduct by us before and done nothing about it so good luck finding some sort of sensible and responsible concious over there 🤷 you'll find them in the seedy section of the fediverse being pally with Gab

@Shrigglepuss yup the PR at @purism about shipping and delays definitely needs some work.

That said, IIRC there was a Series A funding for Purism. Maybe @todd could shed some light here

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