A (rare) critical article about Purism's Librem 5 phone;
The Sad Saga of Purism and the Librem 5 by Jay Little:
This focuses (in three parts!) on their phone and Purism as a hardware company and doesn't even get around to touching on the hate speech enabling social network they host. The long and short of it is that you should be avoiding Purism like a bad smell.

@Shrigglepuss I'm glad I canceled in early August, sounds like a bunch of people won't be as lucky

@Shrigglepuss Well @purism is actually here in the Fediverse. I'd like to know what they think about it!

@phel @purism go for it, they've been approached about their shitty code of conduct by us before and done nothing about it so good luck finding some sort of sensible and responsible concious over there 🀷 you'll find them in the seedy section of the fediverse being pally with Gab


why do i have this feeling that there was never going to be a phone, and all of that money is being used to fund nazis...

@lyliawisteria @Shrigglepuss yes the very nazis who hired several trans people, including their head of hardware. It all makes sense

@thibaultamartin @lyliawisteria they've shielded themselves behind token trans people so ThEy CaN't PoSsIbLy Be BaD? Good for them.

@Shrigglepuss @thibaultamartin @lyliawisteria I doubt they'd finance nazis, it's quite the opposite, they don't want to alienate them because they want them as customers.
(well, not "nazis", just "identitarians" and "nationalists" who definitely aren't nazis, nuh uh, because they told us so and they are soooo trustworthy </snark>)
Anyways, Purism's bad but mostly just incompetent and spineless bad, not movie villain level bad.

@grainloom @Shrigglepuss @thibaultamartin this is actually how nazis are funding their shit, though. they pull scams like this. it's not implausible.

@lyliawisteria @grainloom @thibaultamartin I'd have to see proof before I'd say it's what is going on or suggesting so because it's important when speaking out about something to be sure you're not making things up otherwise you'd be the person that's crying wolf, but I wouldn't be shocked tbh

@lyliawisteria @Shrigglepuss @thibaultamartin can you give an example of a scam like this?
this would be a very elaborate and inefficient way to scam people imho.
it seems more like greed and an overblown ego leading to promises that were impossible to keep.

@Shrigglepuss That second part is incredibly damning. I've seen another Kickstarter product get delayed for years in the most awful way possible, but there was no doubt they were going to deliver (and they did) because they were transparent and apologetic about everything that went wrong. Librem has conducted itself in exactly the opposite way, and will end in a flaming wreckage.

@Shrigglepuss yup the PR at @purism about shipping and delays definitely needs some work.

That said, IIRC there was a Series A funding for Purism. Maybe @todd could shed some light here

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