Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it

@Shrigglepuss Baffles me that anyone would want to hand more censorship powers to the current administration. I still remember how much anti-Free-Speech got used to suppress queer/LGBT culture; why should we expect it to be put to better purposes this time?

@erisian_phoenix I'm in the UK... I'm not speaking in a legal context here anyway.
FrEe SpEeCh is used as a catchy shield for bigots to say all kinds of rancid shit and I'm not going to tolerate that for one single second "just because it's legal".
Anybody that is going to break the law will break it still, however I'd prefer to see less "say harmful shit under our FrEeDoM ShIeLd" from governments and more accountability for damn sure

@Shrigglepuss Eh, I refuse to surrender valuable concepts and symbols to bigots. Free speech was an important civic virtue used to defend the rights of queer people to come out and have open discussions; censorship was the tool used to tell us that it was illegal to so much as admit to our orientation.

@erisian_phoenix I'm not asking you to surrender anything πŸ™„
I've already explained to you that I won't defend a vague motion of absolute free speech as it's understood by so many people as freedoms to say any old shit they like to whom they like.
Those civil liberties you mentioned were won by people standing up and challenging/breaking the law, what makes you think that can't happen again?

@erisian_phoenix I value rights to a safe and comfortable life WAY before protecting the collateral bigots and the harms that come with absolute free speech. You're just going to have to accept my stance on that because I'm pig-sick of innocent people being made miserable and oppressed and murdered under that flag.

@Shrigglepuss I think you're under-estimating the harm already being done by censorship: LGBTQ media being flagged as "adult" on YouTube, the elimination of anything "adult" on Tumblr, and so on.

Given that, I'm not sure why you expect heavier censorship to favor "actually eliminating bigots" instead of continuing the "sex and gay people are bad" trend?

If we had perfect Liberals-Only censorship tech, that'd be awesome, but it seems really clear that we live in a reality where the options are "free speech for everybody" or "Republicans get to censor the queer community"

(Sorry, not sure what the UK equivalent of Republicans is πŸ˜“)

@erisian_phoenix @Shrigglepuss that would be conservatives.

sorry to jut in to this thread but i feel you're mistakenly conflating censorship and deplatforming.

Why would I? Freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequences.

@tn5421 Free speech absolutists and free speech extremists seem to have a different idea about that which gets other people abused and killed. Absolute freedom isn't a fair concept because some people's freedoms come at the expense of others.
"Free speech" as it's used today has dire consequences for innocent people, and you won't find me defending that.

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