@Shrigglepuss where did you get the toolbox and metal tins? I want something like that to put in the car (I have a combined laptop and tool bag and another one for random bits/test equipment but thats still not quite enough)

(I already have the cat, and not even my cat; she lives with one of the neighbours but visits when she is bored/locked out and gets into every box/basket she can 😸

@vfrmedia they're different sized plain canvas makeup bags! It was the best idea I ever had to separate my tools and equipment like this. Separate bags for cleaning equipment, tools, spare cables, USB storage/dongles, cable management stuff etc =)
The two tins are cheap aluminium screw-top tins sold as being for home-made creams and stuff I think. One for desktop screws, one for laptop screws + a matching silver magnetic screw dish =)
Anything else in a box stays boxed obvs

@vfrmedia the idea of using a regular hard case and bags instead of compartment toolboxes is that bags are an efficient and more flexible use of space and very easy to remove onto a desk during repairs


@vfrmedia not sure exactly but if I hold my arm and hand out flat it's from the tip of my fingers to my elbow long and a hand deep (not got anything to measure with to hand atm sorry)
I have a second box this size dedicated to network jobs and spare kit too, and a laptop bag, they're my main three off-site things but I use them in the workshop too =)
I've a selection of other cases like this of various sizes for spare parts but they don't leave the building, they're so handy!

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