For anyone who fancied the #Librem Five but are fed up with the developers politics, or found the price to be way too high, here is something that might be interesting for you: #PinePhone #Pine64


@uint8_t I got a refund on my Librem 5 pre-order because I don't want Purism anywhere near me or my money anywhere near them. The PinePhone is gonna be my next phone now =D

@Shrigglepuss @uint8_t I've been out of the loop, apparently. Why are we shunning Purism now?

@seylerius Their willingness to host hate speech from their Librem One social network and unwillingness to change that, and some other bad things around what they've done with the open source projects they've forked

@seylerius @Shrigglepuss #libremsocial is free speech absolutist nazi apologists, providing no moderation, and if you wonder what that will turn into, look up voat...

Other than that, they are shipping their hardware with proprietary BIOS so even less reason to support them

@uninstance They've shown an explicit willingness to host hate speech on their Librem One social network platform, and haven't taken on board any of the criticism on that to change their stance on it.
I have absolutely no faith nor trust in them being a safe company to be near or have anything to do with

@gnusocialgnu they're willing to host hate speech and won't back down to criticism about it amongst other things. You can read about my Purism refund experience here:

@paulfree14 that sounds like just capitalists trying to earn money, and I don't think that's comparably harmful to what purism is doing with their free speech absolutism.

@paulfree14 A more important concern would be the working conditions at their assembly line, for example. I have no information about that.

oportunism may lead to decisions that are defined by the circumstances indipendent form its moral.
meh, not so happy with this frame, but I guess you understand what I try to say.

@paulfree14 @uint8_t I'll be keeping a closer eye, that was unfortunate wording but I'm not going to write them off just yet... It's a weak response but they are a business and I appreciate they need to be cautious. I'd personally prefer a harder more clear stance but this isn't exactly hate apologism ~yet~.
As a competitor to Purism I really don't think a stronger political opposition could hurt at all. Would be great PR for them and promote more discussion about Purism's motives too right?

@Shrigglepuss @uint8_t
yeah, for them that would be actually a great PR possibility.
hope they choose so.

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