Repairing a Windows XP Embedded EPoS system, if you need me you'll find me in 2002 pulling the last of my hair out.

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I normally really enjoy working on legacy stuff, but EPoS does my head in almost every time I have to take care of it, so wish me luck

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Aaah it's just a failed drive causing it to bluescreen at the splash screen. Gonna ddrescue it, restore onto a new drive then try chkdsk and sfc after; that's normally (but not always) a winning formula on XP for this

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Over a thousand pending sectors though so a big ol' hmmmm to that

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@Shrigglepuss good luck - it is generally cursed and complex to start with and a lot of pressure to get it working (for me the same applies to finance/ERP software and infrastructure which I still have to maintain now and then..)

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