Bit of a weird tech question here, but does anyone have any experience with sharing files and serial printers through Samba to Windows 98 systems?

To complicate things slightly, one of the Windows 98 systems is a VM on the server, the other is a literal bare metal Windows 98 system patched into the server with a crossover cable (though this bit seems easy in theory once the Samba shares are set up)

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@Shrigglepuss I've run Win98 under VirtualBox in Ubuntu and had it connecting to Samba on another machine on my LAN. The key is to set the virtualised ethernet adapter to bridge mode in for the Win98 VM. Samba on the remote machine may also need tweaks to allow Win98 to authenticate.

@ozzmosis Thanks! It's the authentication and printer stuff I'm mainly worried about, the bridge is in ready thankfully (though I'm using qemu atm). Did you have a particular resource for the authentication tweaks? I presume I'll have to find a way to get it to be SMB1 friendly or something right?

@Shrigglepuss Possibly just "client lanman auth = Yes" in your smb.conf. Working here with Samba 4.8.12 running in FreeBSD.

@ozzmosis Fantastic! Thank you so much! It's given me something to go on

@Shrigglepuss Looking at the manpage you might also need "client NTLMv2 auth = no".
Not sure I can help you much with printers, but see how you go.

@ozzmosis Fingers crossed it's like any other printer once the authentication stuff is playing nicely, I'll be doing that stuff after file shares are sorted just incase. Thanks again! =D

@dadegroot no worries, it should be possible right? I'll crack this puzzle!

@Shrigglepuss Well the file sharing, definitely. Pretty sure serial printing should be too. Although you might have to share it as an lpr queue.

@Shrigglepuss Be aware, Win98 probably only handles the massively insecure smb/1.0 spec, so you might need to tweak a modern samba to do that.

@dadegroot yeah! The authentication will need a ton of tweaking to be smb1 friendly, it's not networked apart from the crossover cable to the bare metal system and in a locked office so network security isn't a huge thing thankfully

@dadegroot it's the part that's the scariest for me here for sure. Worse-case scenario I'll share the printer from the Windows 98 VM but it's not ideal

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